EBEN 33d Annual Conference
In Search of Excellence: Self-Regulation of Market Ethics
June 23-26, 2020
EBEN Annual Conference brings together leading European academics and professionals in business ethics, compliance and CSR to share current research, best practices and agenda for future development of the field.
This Conference will takes place in St. Petersburg (Russia) on June 23-26, 2020, and will be devoted to self-regulation of ethical behavior in the markets.
  • How to find proper balance between government regulation and self-regulation of the market by professional or industrial associations?
  • How to develop best compliance and ethics management programs inside the companies to improve ethical conduct and reduce the level of government control?
  • How to expand best ethics and CSR practices of leading companies to the entire economy?
We expect more than 100 academics, managers and experts from European countries as well as Russian regulatory bodies (Bank of Russia, Federal Antimonopoly Service and others) to discuss the experience of self-regulation and share best practices to improve ethical behavior in the market.
Call for Papers
Deadline: April 15, 2020

Russian Business Ethics Network — the leading professional community in ethics and CSR in Russia, a member of EBEN network

National Research University - Higher School of Economics, one of the best Russian institution in business education and research.

The corporate partner of the conference — a leader in the introducing ethical practices to the market


The conference will be held in St. Petersburg, the Russian capital in 18-19 centuries — amazing historical landscapes with palaces, embankments, channels and parks. The conference will be held in June — the season of excellent weather and White Nights — the best time to visit St. Petersburg.
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